What does Network Booster do?

Network Booster measures DNS lookup speeds for your most commonly visited websites using your current DNS server as well as other public DNS servers, then compares the average lookup times and suggests more optimal settings if required.


What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating and identifying computer services. Think of it as the phonebook of the Internet. Whenever you browse the web your browser will perform many lookups to your DNS server. A DNS server that responds faster will result in improved browsing speed.


Is my information secure?

Network Booster does not store or transmit your personal information. Network Booster will perform DNS lookups of your most commonly visited sites, which would happen anyway as you browse day to day.


Quick Scan and Full Scan give different recommendations

Full Scan offers a set of more thorough tests to give you the best recommendations for the fastest browsing experience. Full Scan has access to more DNS servers and performs tests on your top sites plus a randomly changing selection of the world's most popular sites.


Supported Browsers

Network Booster is able to gather a list of your top sites from Safari, Chrome and Opera. Applied DNS settings will work system-wide with any browser or Internet connected application.


System requirements

Network Booster is available for macOS 10.10 and above. Windows support is now available too.